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These wildly viral hand sanitizers are actually worth the hype


Our editors begrudgingly love the TikTok-viral Touchland hand sanitizer

A good hand sanitizer is great to have — especially when you're on the go and don't have access to a way to wash your hands. Being able to sanitize can help prevent the spread of illnesses like colds, flu, RSV and COVID-19. There's just one big problem: Most hand sanitizers, which have different types of bacteria-killing alcohols as active ingredients, dry out your skin.

That's why Touchland hand sanitizer has become a beloved product on TikTok — it hydrates your skin every time you use it. Plus, it smells amazing, comes in a super-convenient slim container that's easy to take on-the-go, and has a carrying case you can clip onto your purse or keychain.

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How a BestReviews editor became a Touchland convert

One BestReviews editor found out firsthand why her daughter coveted Touchland sanitizers.

"I can’t even count the number of times I said a firm ‘No’ when my 10-year-old grabbed this product at Sephora, trying to convince me to spend $10 on a pocket-sized (albeit well-designed) container of hand sanitizer," she said. "Fast forward to months later when a PR package shows up at my front door. I have been proven wrong, much to the delight of my daughter.

"Touchland is a light mist that feels cool and amazing, totally different from the feeling you get when a giant glob of sanitizer lands in your palm. And the smell is soft and pleasant, instead of reeking of alcohol. And it moisturizes your hands — leaving them feeling softer than before you applied it. I am sold. This is the best hand sanitizer on the market, hands down."

These viral Touchland hand sanitizers come in a variety of lovely scents

Touchland Power Mist Wild Watermelon Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

Wild Watermelon is a fresh, summery scent with notes of "fresh watermelon, watery florals, crisp green apple and uplifting fruity facets."

Touchland Power Mist Berry Bliss Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

Berry Bliss can be used year-round. It features scent notes of "ripe strawberries, black raspberries and exotic peach" along with violet and vanilla bean.

Touchland Power Mist Vanilla Blossom Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

With Vanilla Blossom, enjoy notes of "mandarin, coconut water and petals, with rich tonka bean and warm vanilla."

Touchland Glow Mist Rosewater Revitalizing Hand Sanitizer

Touchland's Rosewater sanitizer has a mild scent that also gives skin a youthful glow.

Touchland Power Mist Citrus Grove Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

Citrus Grove has notes of "orange, peach nectar and warm orange blossom."

Touchland Gentle Mist Lily Of The Valley Ultra-Soothing Hand Sanitizer

Lily of the Valley features scent notes of "watery cucumber, refreshing lemon, lily of the valley and jasmine petals."

Touchland Ivy White Touchland Mist Case

Keep your hand sanitizer within reach with a silicone case you can clip onto your purse, backpack, keys, belt and more.

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