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Stanley just made the coolest coolers you’ve ever seen

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The Stanley All Day Collection makes packing for a picnic cool again

You’ve got the Quencher 2.0 in all your favorite colors, complete with a straw topper and personalized nameplate, so what’s next on the list of must-have summer gear? Stanley’s all-new collection of portable coolers, of course. All of them are stylish, compact, and designed to keep beverages shockingly cold — even while the sun is shining bright.

That’s right, your favorite brand of water bottles has launched a line of chic personal coolers that keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, have room for either 10 or 20 cans and will definitely catch an eye or two while you’re out and about. Also included in the new collection are two slim bottles and a Quencher carry-all, so you can be hands-free and hydrated without missing a beat.

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Available for purchase now, one of these mini coolers might convince your teen or tween to get out for a picnic with you in public. And that’s a huge win for everyone.

Shop this article: The All Day Madeleine Midi Cooler Backpack, The All Day Julienne Mini Cooler, The All Day Slim Bottle 20 oz, The All Day 40 oz Quencher Carry-All

Stanley's All Day Collection 2024

The All Day Madeleine Midi Cooler Backpack

This cooler backpack holds up to 20 cans, is made from 100% recycled polyester, has a "doctor's bag" hinge top that pops open to help with unpacking and padded, adjustable straps that make it easy to carry just about anywhere. It's offered in four colors, including fuschia and cream. 

The All Day Julienne Mini Cooler

This smaller soft cooler is ideal for a small outing to a park or an outdoor concert, is made with the same durable polyester, has room for 10 cans, offers up to 12 hours of cooling time and has a zippered pocket for valuables and an adjustable strap. 

The All Day Quencher 40 oz Carry-All

Finally! A way to have your Quencher by your side but still have the use of both your hands. This crossbody carry-all has three pockets (one even big enough for your phone), secures your water bottle with snap fasteners and has a clip for keys and a removable strap. It's offered in four colors, including black and rose quartz. 

All Day Slim Bottle 34 oz

This isn't your average water bottle. Built with the same long-lasting cooling power as other Stanley products, this slim bottle opens at the shoulder, which means you can store ice at the top, and a bottle of wine or water at the bottom, depending on your plans for the day. Easy to pack, and offered in seven colorways, this is the one we've got our eye on as the next big thing. 

All Day Slim Bottle 20 oz

Offered in the same design and colors as the larger slim bottle, this mini version is perfect for a quick trip to the gym, a short walk with the pup or when you're out and about running errands. 

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