Jennifer Manfrin

Jennifer Manfrin

Jennifer Manfrin has been writing for BestReviews for nine years. As one of the first writers for the company, she has had the opportunity to write about numerous topics, which has helped her become a versatile writer and researcher. 

Expertise and Experience

Jennifer is a graduate of Ohio University with a multidisciplinary Bachelor's degree in English, Communications, and Journalism. She has worked as a freelance newspaper reporter, conducting interviews while covering live events and human interest stories for weekly and daily publications. She has also worked as a freelance writer for various online platforms, covering pets, insurance, and e-commerce topics. 

As a writer for BestReviews, Jennifer specializes in pets, home, and gardening. She is a lifelong pet owner who has spent decades volunteering with animal rescues. Her knowledge of home and gardening comes from years of working on DIY projects and learning to garden from her grandfather. 


  • 20+ years as a freelance reporter
  • 15+ years of providing online content
  • 25+ years as an animal rescuer


Jennifer’s work has been featured in local and national publications. Her achievements include:

  • BestReviews Expert Shopper writer
  • Work published on multiple Nexstar affiliates
  • Articles appeared in Tribune Media publications including the Chicago Tribune

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