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How to get rid of your ‘laundry chair’ for good

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9 easy solutions for the ‘laundry chair’

Do you fall victim to the "laundry chair?" You know, a chair tucked in the corner of your bedroom where all laundry — whether dirty or clean — inevitably ends up, either because it's easier than folding or hanging it to put it away, or because you simply lack the storage space for all your clothes. 

Laundry chairs (or laundry ottomans, laundry benches, laundry couches … you get the idea) are incredibly common. But don't despair! There are tons of easy solutions, from adding more storage to your home in creative places so you actually have somewhere to put your clean laundry after taking it out of the dryer, to turning that laundry chair into such a cozy space you can't bear to cover it in clothes — because that's where you curl up at the end of a long day.

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Make space in your closet/drawers

The first solution? Adding storage in creative places, because if you have the space in your closet and drawers for your clothes, it'll make you more likely to actually put them away.

NestNeatly SmartCube Underbed Storage Bins

This set of three under-bed storage boxes includes handles so you can pull them out for easy access — plus clear tops so you can easily see what's stored in each one.

storageLAB Under Bed Storage Containers

These two low-profile under-bed storage bins will fit under even the lowest bed frames.

Over The Door Hooks

These over-door hooks are great for towels, coats and hoodies, helping free up space usually taken up by the bulkiest items in your closet and drawers.

Get a storage solution for not-clean but not-dirty clothes

The next solution is to get a new place for putting clean clothes, like a decorative basket. This is a place for those clothes you've already worn, but aren't dirty yet. For example, dirty underwear goes right into the laundry basket, but a T-shirt that’s been worn for a couple hours and can be worn again goes into the basket instead.

INDRESSME Extra Large Woven Baskets for Storage

This storage basket is extra large and has a two-toned design to add some color to your room.

Household Essentials Paper Rope Basket with Handles

This natural paper rope basket has handles for easy carrying and comes in seven colors so you can get one to match your room.

Make the laundry chair something you actually want to use

Finally, add a pop of color, a nice reading light and a bookshelf and turn your former laundry chair into a reading nook. This may help keep your clothes off it because you actually want to use it as a chair.

George Oliver Poteat End Table with Storage

This midcentury-inspired end table has a small footprint — perfect for little spaces — and includes a storage shelf for books, glasses and other bedroom items.

Mercury Row Pothier Reading Floor Lamp

Adding a reading lamp will make your chair space much more cozy — and the perfect place to curl up with a book.

George Oliver Jaivyn Upholstered Ottoman

This simple, upholstered ottoman offers a fun pop of color and invites you to kick your feet up at the end of the day.

Cozy Bliss Faux Fur Throw Blanket for Couch

If you can resist curling up under this cozy, plush throw blanket, you're one strong person. Thick and fluffy, it's the perfect winter blanket for a cozy reading nook.

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