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Finally, a sustainable way to keep that other half of the avocado or fruit you’re eating fresh

Food Huggers

A more sustainable way to keep your unfinished fruits and vegetables fresh

If you love avocados — in salads, on toast, on tacos or any other way — you know the age-old challenge: You use half an avocado and you need to store the other half to use later, but if you put it in a plastic bag or storage container in the fridge, it's very likely to turn brown before you can use it up. What's an avo lover to do?

Enter Food Huggers, a sustainable food storage company with a new approach: silicone sleeves that wrap around the unused portions of avocados and other fruits and vegetables, keeping them airtight and fresh until you can use them up. They also make "huggers" for butter and cheese, plus lids for bowls, produce bags and other sustainable food storage solutions.

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Best of all, this is a way to keep unfinished fruits and vegetables fresh without single-use plastics or papers that get thrown away after you're done with them.

Shop Food Huggers, reusable bags and more sustainable food storage solutions

Food Huggers 5-Piece Reusable Silicone Food Savers

This set includes different sizes of food huggers to use for everything from lemons and limes to apples, bell peppers, onions and more. They're reusable and dishwasher-safe, and the sizes accommodate tons of different fruits and vegetables. I've been using them in my kitchen for weeks and have found they keep food fresh for much longer than a Ziploc bag or storage container.

Food Huggers Zero Waste Starter Kit (7 Pieces)

The seven-piece set contains five Food Huggers plus two Avocado Huggers, which include pit savers so you can keep the pit in your avocado to keep it fresher for even longer.

Avocado Huggers by Food Huggers Silicone Reusable Avocado Savers with Pit Storage (2 Pieces)

Get just the Avocado Huggers and pit savers with this two-piece set.

Food Huggers Replacement Lids for Glass Storage Containers

Food Huggers lids are stretchy to fit on multiple sizes of prep and storage bowls. The three-piece set include small, medium and large lids.

Food Huggers Butter Hugger Patented Butter Cover

The Butter Hugger solves a common kitchen problem: It keeps sticks of butter fresh when you haven't used them up yet.

Food Huggers Cheese Huggers Set of 4 Reusable Silicone Savers 

This set of four Cheese Huggers helps keep cheeses fresh and prevent dryness and mold.

Food Huggers Sustainable Coffee Storage Bulk Bean Bag

Need to keep your coffee beans fresh before you grind them for your favorite beverages? This storage bag rolls down to remove excess air and is dishwasher-safe.

Food Huggers Reusable Produce Bag for Bulk Food & Grocery

Food Huggers produce bags are lightweight and stand upright on their own, making them easy to fill in your shopping cart. Plus, they're mess-free — you can wipe them down or put them in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

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