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Best Avocado Slicers

Updated August 2022
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OXO Good Grips Avocado Slicer
Good Grips Avocado Slicer
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A very convenient little tool made from plastic to eliminate the risk of cutting yourself instead of your food.


BPA-free. Integrates cutter, pitter, and fan blade for slicing and scooping. Cutter folds away for safety. Comfortable, soft rubber grip. Safe for novices and non-chefs. Removes the pit easily. Makes neat, attractive slices. Easy to use. Top-rack dishwasher-safe.


Has difficulty with too-firm fruits. Beware of counterfeits.

Best Bang for the Buck
Prepara Cool Tool avocado peeler & slicer
Cool Tool Avocado Peeler & Slicer
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Card-Sized Convenience
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This tool packs all basic functions you want into a gadget barely larger than a credit card.


Very compact size at 4.5 x 2 inches. Only 0.2 inches thick. Includes cutting-edge pitter and scoop. Does not require a surface or counter to use. Edge designed to pierce the vegetable's skin yet remain safe to handle. Curved design aims to minimize leftover flesh.


Makes somewhat thick and messy slices. Still leaves leftover flesh.

Joseph Joseph GoAvocado 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
Joseph Joseph
GoAvocado 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer
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Handy & Compact
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This handy gadget can cut, pit, and slice without needing a counter.


Cuts, pits, and slices all in one device. Compact; designed without needing to use a counter surface. Doubles as a scoop. Knife folds away for safety when not in use. Covered in soft-grip surface for comfortable handling.


Slices come out a bit messy. May leave some flesh in the skin.

Prepworks by Progressive Flip Blade Avocado Tool
Progressive Health Store
Prepworks Flip Blade Avocado Tool
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Simple Yet Solid
Bottom Line

The soft paddle scoop of this option is one of the best at getting all the flesh out.


Cutter, de-pitter, and scoop in one gadget. Scoop is particularly flexible and gets out most of the flesh from the skin. Cutting knife folds away for safety when not in use. Pitter teeth hold pit firmly. Dishwasher-safe.


Cutter has to double as slicer, so it must be unfolded twice during process.

Kuhn Rikon Avocado 5-in-1 Tool
Kuhn Rikon
Avocado 5-in-1 Tool
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Most Versatile
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For a single piece of equipment that can live in your kitchen drawer, try this 5-in-1 tool.


Single piece of durable plastic integrates 5 functions. Cuts, pits, scoops, mashes, and slices all in one. Single-piece construction is easy to clean. Cutting edge is designed to be safe on human skin. Dishwasher-safe.


Pitter seems too small and blunt to hold the pit.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best avocado slicers

Meal preparation can sometimes be messy, tedious, and inefficient, which is why it’s important to have the right tools. While a quality set of knives can tackle most needs when cutting food, there are some fruits and vegetables that call for more specialized tools to save time, energy, and cleanup. The avocado slicer is just such a tool.

Ripe avocados are tasty and full of nutrients, but cutting one with the wrong utensil can make a mess. What’s more,  if not done with care, attempts to remove the pit can be dangerous. Avocado slicers offer a precise, simple way to cut the popular fruit and safely remove the pit. While you might want to limit your collection of kitchen utensils, an avocado slicer could be the exception if you enjoy avocados often. Avocado slicers are effective, and they aren’t particularly expensive or complex to use.

Avocados are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. They are high in potassium, fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidants, and they may help lower cholesterol and contribute to weight loss.

Key considerations


There are three steps to preparing an avocado for eating, and the ideal avocado slicer should be able to perform all three. Many avocado slicers are advertised as three-in-one tools. Those that are advertised as two-in-one typically skip the first step.

Cutting in half: One way to open an avocado is to slice it in half around the pit. This results in two equal pieces with the whole pit stuck to one half or the other. If you don’t have a slicer, a sharp knife will suffice.

Removing the pit: Perhaps the most important function of an avocado slicer is to cleanly remove the pit. The tool extracts the pit either by digging underneath it or grabbing it. Some leverage is usually required to pull out the pit. These tools range greatly in quality, but stainless steel is the most durable and effective. If you don’t have a slicer, it’s possible to gently stab the pit with a knife and pull it out, but this method requires some care in order to avoid injuring yourself.

Slicing: The last step is to remove the avocado from the skin. Depending on the recipe, you can scoop out the avocado flesh with a spoon or certain slicers. If you want cubed avocado, you can cut it with a knife, but the slicing function of the avocado tool can safely and quickly cut each half into uniform pieces and remove them from the skin.


The design of avocado slicers varies a bit. In most cases, one end has a serrated, knife-like edge for cutting the skin. The middle has the stainless steel portion that removes the pit. The other end has the slicer, which cuts and removes the flesh. The layout, however, may change, and personal preference could be a deciding factor in choosing a slicer. Some higher-end slicers have all three functions at one end with an ergonomic handle at the other.


Most avocado slicers are primarily made of plastic. It’s strong enough to cut through the skin and safer to use than a sharp knife. Most handles are plastic, but some may be nylon, offering a more comfortable grip. The portion that removes the pit is typically stainless steel guarded by a plastic cover and exterior.


It’s important to note that not all avocados are the same size, so some slicers may struggle with fruit that is very big or very small. What’s more, the slicers work best when the avocado is ripe. If the avocado is overripe, it can lead to a mess, and the slicer may not be able to remove the pit at all from an unripe avocado. Also, if you don’t eat avocado often, a slicer may just become another tool that takes up room in a drawer.

Did You Know?
To speed up ripening, you can place avocados in a brown paper bag with a banana. To slow ripening, place avocados in the refrigerator.



Some slicers come with handy extras and accessories. You can find avocado slicers that come with an avocado saver, a small container designed to keep a cut avocado fresh in the fridge a little longer. Others may come with a masher to pulverize the avocado, which will work on other foods as well, such as potatoes.

Other uses

You can also use an avocado slicer to slice other fruits that have textured skin and a pulpy or creamy interior, such as kiwi, dragon fruit, star fruit, and jackfruit.


Mortar and pestle: HiCoup Kitchenware Mortar and Pestle
Ideal for making guacamole, a mortar and pestle is a beautiful and effective countertop tool for any kitchen. We love this durable and deep granite option from HiCoup, which can also be used to grind peppercorns, spices, and many other foods.

Food storage containers: PopIt! Plastic Food Container Set
To keep leftovers fresh, you need a set of quality food storage containers. This collection of eight different sizes by PopIt! is inexpensive and useful for storing cut avocados, dips, and snacks.

Compost or discard the avocado skin. Be careful to keep it away from pets because it's toxic to dogs and cats.

Avocado slicer prices


For under $7, you can find simple plastic avocado slicers, though they may not stand up to tough skin or pits.


Most avocado slicers cost $8 to $12. You’ll find different designs that easily tackle most avocados.


For over $12, you can expect a higher-quality avocado slicer that likely comes with some extras.

Did You Know?
September 16 is national guacamole day, a great time to celebrate this delicious dip.


  • Don’t remove the pit with a knife. It’s a popular and simple method, but piercing a pit with the tip of a knife can be dangerous. “Avocado hand,” as it’s come to be known, is a common injury in which the knife misses the pit or slices right through it, cutting the hand holding the avocado.
  • Test the avocado for ripeness. Looks can be deceiving. Dark, green skin on an avocado doesn’t necessarily mean it's ripe. Gently squeeze the avocado and check for a bit of give in the skin to determine if it is ripe.
  • Find a good guacamole recipe. Guacamole is a versatile, easy-to-make dip and a great way to use up several ripe avocados.
  • Rub lemon juice on cut avocado halves. If you don’t use the whole avocado, rub the cut side with lemon juice before sealing it in a container and putting it in the fridge. The acid will help keep the avocado fresher longer.
Delicious avocados are available all year, but the peak season for US-grown avocados is May to April. Mexico’s peak season is from November to April.


Q. What are some popular recipes for avocados?

A. While guacamole is the go-to dish, avocados can be used in a variety of other recipes. Avocado chunks can complement a green or bean salad. Creamy avocado can be used as a spread on toast or in potato salad. Some people enjoy grilling avocados as well. They’re delicious on burgers and, of course, traditional Mexican fare like burritos or tacos. If you have a perfectly ripe avocado, you can simply sprinkle a little salt, pepper, and olive oil on some slices for a delicious snack.

Q. How necessary is an avocado slicer?

A. For people who eat avocados frequently, a slicer can be a handy tool, especially for families where younger children are interested in cooking. The slicer provides a much safer and less messy alternative to using a knife and spoon. However, experienced chefs may find a slicer inconvenient, adding an extra step and another item to clean. For those on the fence, avocado slicers are relatively cheap, which means one might be worth trying.

Q. How do I clean my avocado slicer?

A. Because bits of avocado can get into between and around the slicer, washing it by hand can be tedious. Most avocado slicers are dishwasher safe on the top rack, which is the easiest way to clean the tool. Note that frequent use and cleaning in the dishwasher will eventually dull the blade.