Allen Foster

Allen Foster

Allen Foster started writing for BestReviews in 2018. After covering the entertainment world for over 25 years, he decided it was time for a change. Drawing upon his work experience in the construction field as well as the knowledge and training he received while selling tools, equipment, and home decor at one of the country's largest home improvement retailers, Allen decided it was time to give back. He wanted to share his extensive knowledge of how things worked in a simple and straightforward way that would benefit consumers. When he is not learning about new products, upgrading his home, or working on an assignment, Allen enjoys teaching music and writing fiction. 

Expertise and Experience

Allen has no formal training as a writer. His college education included an Associate of Fine Arts from a local community college and an individual study program at the Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts. His focus was on music theory, composition, and arranging. When he sold his first article to Keyboard Magazine, he realized the importance of the phrase "write what you know."

Over the past 30-plus years, Allen has honed his skills while continuing to write about the things he knows. He has written several thousand articles that have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and online media outlets. He has interviewed celebrities, experts, and media icons, such as Brian Wilson and Dan Rather.


  • Spent summers working with his older brother in construction to learn about building a home from the ground up, making upgrades, and completing home repairs.
  • Received training to become an expert in selling tools at one of the country's largest home improvement retailers.
  • Is a knowledgeable DIYer who performs most of his own home repairs.


Early in his writing career, Allen edited and published a print magazine called Songwriter's Monthly that was distributed around the world. Throughout his career, he has been lucky enough to speak with over a thousand individuals who are considered experts or are highly regarded in their field. 

His work has appeared on many media outlets, including:

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